Key Personnel

GeoSierra Environmental’s management and support team have over 80 years of combined experience in the fracturing industry, including consulting, drilling, and technology. Our team has designed, implemented and remediated >15 Trenchless PRBs and >40 Pneumatic Fracturing Sites across the United States, including federal, state and privately owned projects. Read more about our team and our depth of experience below.

John M. Twomey, E.I.T.

Mr. Twomey has over 35 years’ experience and is Senior Vice President for Cascade Environmental, overseeing GeoSierra Environmental and her sister company, Panther Technologies.  He has experience in waste management, civil remediation and regulatory compliance and was a founding partner of Panther.

Deborah L. Schnell, P.E.

Ms. Schnell is the Vice President of GeoSierra Environmental and oversees all GeoSierra’s projects with over 25 years’ experience. Her responsibilities include preparation of proposals, client and project management, budgeting, design, technical support, and marketing. She was previously an owner of a fracturing company and a consultant.

Greg Filbey

Mr. Filbey has over 5 years’ experience and provides project, field and technical support for all projects. He is a Petroleum Engineer and is versed in AutoCAD, data analysis, and hydraulic and mechanical equipment.

Our Field Crew

GeoSierra Environmental has a trained field crew that travels for all projects. The combined experience of the crew exceeds 20 years with drilling, technological, computer, mechanical, and electrical expertise. The synergy of the group results in a productive, efficient, and safe project.