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The single most important difference distinguishing GeoSierra Environmental from all other PRB design/build companies is our ability to install PRBs far deeper than would be possible with conventional construction methods.

At GeoSierra Environmental, we’re best known for our Trenchless Permeable Reactive Barrier technology for installing zero valent iron (ZVI) PRBs. In addition to those services, we have broadened our technology offerings for the delivery of a variety of fluid and soil amendments. Specifically, our team has pioneered multi-azimuth hydraulic fracturing, as well as add pneumatic fracturing to our suite of delivery methods. These minimally invasive, trenchless tools allow us to tackle difficult groundwater cleanup problems. Recently we formed a partnership with Cascade which allows our team to expand and provide quality services nationwide to our valued clients.

GeoSierra Environmental’s expertise in design and construction of PRBs and other remedies extends beyond on-site performance. Our effectiveness in laboratory analysis, specialized injection and monitoring equipment, and office and workshop facilities all complement the services we provide to our clients.

If you would like to know if a hydraulic or pneumatic application would benefit one of your sites, allow us to review your site data, provide you with our opinion of applicability, and provide a budgetary estimate for the services. For an estimate, please download and complete the site data form and email it to info@geosierraenv.com.

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