This video explains the Trenchless PRB installation process and the specialized QA/QC that assures planned remediation performance. Four sites are highlighted, including a former chemical manufacturing site in Gardena, CA (100 ft deep), a former chemical manufacturing site in the Bay Area (115 ft deep), Tinker AFB in Oklahoma (95 ft deep), and Kelly AFB in San Antonio. The Kelly AFB project is the largest PRB project in the world to date, with 3,650 linear ft of PRBs installed beneath 2-lane city streets congested with underground utilities and within an active railroad right-of-way. While conventional PRB construction methods are limited to depths of about ~40 feet, GeoSierra is capable of installing PRBs deeper than 300 ft below ground surface (bgs). For a DVD or MPEG version of this video please email with your mailing address and Company name at  Close this window